Network Monitoring System Solution

Confronting the deepening and generalized trend of network security threats, Surfilter, centering on urgent requirements of domestic and overseas governments, enterprises, and the public for a secure network environment, has concentrated on creating five network security tools based on its over ten years of technical accumulations and practical experience.

Product introduction

As a public opinion monitoring and analysis platform for enterprises and governments, the product is dedicated to provide comprehensive, fast, accurate and secure one-stop services for data acquisition、monitoring、analysis and warning.

The platform's data source covers the worldwide social platforms and search engines and over thousands of news, blogs, forums, videos, and dark websites. In addition, the massive unstructured data can be processed and analyzed automatically through machine learning, multiple-language natural language processing and other technical means. Based on the monitoring of key words and key person, the multi-dimension analysis can quickly locate the key information sources and present the public opinion trends to support for your public opinion management decisions.

Product Features


Discover what you need to concern by presenting the recent public opinion trends and recommending the hottest spots

Display overview of target event information

Support the customization of homepage content and layout

Multi-dimension Social Analysis

Comprehensive monitoring of overseas social media accounts

Group images and relationship diagram

Intelligent extraction of information such as phone number and email address.

Deep analysis of single/multiple accounts about sentiment, standpoint, sensitive judgment and so on

Event Monitor/Key Person Monitor

Search and filter the information with facet conditions

Grasp the trend by time dimension after topic clustering

Automatic discovery, filtering, and recommendation of key person accounts

Accurate & Flexible Content Search

The accurate retrieval of all data in the system

Selective retrieval of data sources and time slots

Automatic discovery of hotspots

Custom event report

Custom reports generation

The generation of daily report and periodic reports

Core Advantages

1. Wide-ranged data sources: Data sources cover the worldwide social platforms and search engines and over thousands of news, forums, videos, blogs and dark websites so that you will not miss any important opinion.

2. Multilingual NLP (natural language analysis) : The core technology can analyze the massive un-structured information and support local language analysis customization.

3. Data Analysis Visualization / Automation Alert: The customizable indicator visualizations and the automatic alert provide the support to make correct decisions on the public opinion management in a timely manner.

4. One-stop and Customized Service: We supply the basic software platform + customized development module + service depends on your demands.

Typical Deployment