Communication Industry

Confronting the deepening and generalized trend of network security threats, Surfilter, centering on urgent requirements of domestic and overseas governments, enterprises, and the public for a secure network environment, has concentrated on creating five network security tools based on its over ten years of technical accumulations and practical experience.

Background Overview

In recent years, along with continuously evolving communication technology, the rapid growth of internet is playing an increasingly important role in boosting economic development, promoting social progress, transmitting advanced culture, enhancing interpersonal communication, and in many other aspects. However, at the same time, there are unscrupulous persons who take advantage of the internet to spread obscene pornography and other harmful information, and even gamble, commit fraud and other criminal activities, disseminate hate speech, sedition and rumors, and undermine social stability and national cohesion.

When we make full use of the internet’s positive features, the negative impact should be minimized to the lowest level, hence security audit and harmful information regulation of the internet must be taken up without delay. Especially, IDCs—the main information source of the internet—must adopt certain technology and management methods to guarantee IDC business to develop stably, healthily and rapidly.

To achieve the above targets, it is necessary to adopt advanced technical means, enabling real time monitoring of operation status of all websites and services of an IDC, timely discovery of illegal content in an IDC, implementation of real-time effective technical processing, and realize real-time, intelligent, completely automated security audit and information regulation of the IDC.

Requirements Analysis

The operator network is the data source and transmission channel of the internet, hence, equipping it with strong internet governance and network information security technology safeguard measures is the legal responsibility of enterprises. The hon company has helped more than 50 operator clients from across China to set up a nationwide information security management system overlaying all networks, and other application platforms, such as network security, anti-fraud, etc., together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as well as the appropriate communications authorities in all provinces. An effective guarantee is provided for spatial data governance of the internet and network information security for the operator industry. Following are the current problems and challenges being faced:

1. Unscrupulous persons take advantage of the internet to spread harmful information and carry out criminal activities.

2. Unscrupulous persons take advantage of the internet to disseminate hate speech, sedition and rumors, undermining social stability and national cohesion.

3. Inaccuracy, misreporting or missed reporting exists with respect to basic information of the IDC server room and the users.

4. Inability to discover promptly any abnormality that exists in the approval status, system status, data accuracy and effectiveness, system safety and robustness of websites. Inability to carry out prompt daily self-inspection and real-time and effective technical processing.


Problems encountered by internet data centers were solved using the IDC/ISP information security management system through three management dimensions—resource, business and information security:

1. Information security management was carried out for the resource, domain name, IP resource, object being approved, active network resource, etc., of the server room network devices in the range of the relevant IDC server room.

2. Information security management of all networks was carried out from the perspective of illegality and violation.

3. Information security management was carried out from the business perspectives of access log, network approval, resource abnormality, communications authority docking, etc.

Typical deployment

Scheme Effect

I. Discovery and disposal of internet violation

Discovery of violating websites, processing of violating websites’ access log, disposal of violating websites, establishment major information bank.

II. Guarantee for important activities

Activity guarantee, guarantee for university entrance examination, social guarantee and other guarantees.

III. Synergetic linkage analysis

Business system support, public security data support, network data support, etc.

IV. Other implementation

Management by different levels, data security.

Discovery of unapproved domain name and IP.

Data verification, discovery of missed register.

Basic data management, access log management, information security management.