Digital Forensic Solution

Confronting the deepening and generalized trend of network security threats, Surfilter, centering on urgent requirements of domestic and overseas governments, enterprises, and the public for a secure network environment, has concentrated on creating five network security tools based on its over ten years of technical accumulations and practical experience.

Digital Forensic is a branch of forensic science, encompassing the recovery and investigation of evidence found in digital devices, often in relation to crime.  Surfilter digital forensic solution is dedicated to be your reliable data expert, help you recover destroyed data or crack the hidden data from digital devices.

What Can Surfilter Do For You?

▶ Extracting & Securing Data

▶ Analyzing Application Data

▶ Data Recovery and Decrypt

▶ Password Cracking and Unlock

▶ System Simulation & Network Analysis

▶ Supporting Forensic Lab Infrastructure Facilities

Digital Forensic Solution

Crime Intelligence System

Solve Criminal Cases;

Forensic and OSINT platform integrated to Intelligence System;

Analytics to Intelligence Information (text, image, spatio-temporal analysis…)

Digital Forensic Lab

Birthplace of All Solutions;

Digital Forensic Lab Set-up;

Advanced Services

Unlock and image extraction of Android 8.0 above phone

Unlock iPhone and iPad of IOS11

Data recovery from all kinds of electronic devices (even damaged chipset and disk)

Forensic Trainings

JTAG and Chip-off Technology

Mobile Forensic & Data Recovery

Forensic Product Training