About Surfilter

A leading solution provider in network application auditing and network information security

Surfilter Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Surfilter) was established in May 2000 and was successfully listed on the growth enterprise market (GEM) in April 2012 (stock name: Surfilter, stock code: 300311). It was one of the first Chinese companies that stepped into the network information security field, and has been devoting itself to protecting network security for national administrative organizations, operators, enterprises, public institutions, and individuals.

Surfilter emphasizes on independent innovation and has set up four R&D bases in Shenzhen, Beijing, Wuhan, and Chengdu. It has participated in the constitution of network information security standards for multiple national ministries, owned about 100 state-level core technologies, and carried out research and development on more than 30 state-level key projects. By gaining more than 130 industrial access qualifications and over 200 national or provincial major awards, Surfilter is praised as "an expert in network application auditing".

By now, Surfilter has developed into a leading company in China that has completely independent intellectual property rights and specializes in network content & behavior auditing and network information security. It has the most complete product line and solutions in the network auditing and information security fields, and it is serving more than 100,000 industrial and enterprise customers in a wide range of industries, including government affairs, military, finance, communications, radio and TV, education, and energy. It has achieved a No.1 market share in multiple fields, for example, the No. 1 market share in security auditing of Internet bars and public network environments, the No. 1 market share in supervising online video and audio programs, and the leading market share in the comprehensive products on network information security.

Looking forward to the future, Surfilter will stick to its corporate spirits of "reliable, dedicated, cooperative, and innovative", and aim to become a renowned Chinese brand that can provide cutting-edge products and solutions to protect and manage network space security. Furthermore, under the national "One Belt, One Road" development strategy, Surfilter will grasp more opportunities arising from the international market and expand its market to the world.

Enterprise culture
  • Enterprise objective

    to protect network security and to be a respected enterprise citizen

  • Enterprise mission

    to be a protector of safe networks, a creator of green networks, and a leader of efficient networks

  • Enterprise spirit

    reliable, dedicated, cooperative, and innovative

  • Enterprise vision

    to become the most excellent network information security expert in China

Enterprise concepts

Operation concept: to be led by market requirements and to focus on quality

Talent concept: platform buildup, talent recruitment, and bold appointment

Service concept: to constantly provide quality products and services and to be a reliable partner for customers

Core values

Visions determine decisions, and attitudes determine the future.