Cyber Range Solution

Confronting the deepening and generalized trend of network security threats, Surfilter, centering on urgent requirements of domestic and overseas governments, enterprises, and the public for a secure network environment, has concentrated on creating five network security tools based on its over ten years of technical accumulations and practical experience.

Cyber Range System

With Cyber Range System,it can safeguarde the Government and Critical Infrastructure Providers、powering your National Security Operation Center and creating an intelligence map of evolving, imminent and executed national cyber threats.

Protecting Your National Cyber Borders

Simulations in Specific Scenes

Evaluation of Network Attack & Defense Tools

Complete Learning Architecture for Practitioners

Scientific Experiments & Validation of New Technologies

Architecture Of Cyber Range System

The Cyber Range system is dedicated to provide a secure environment for cybersecurity education, training and exercising. It also provides a flexible platform for supporting cybersecurity contest. In particular, the system contains three independent sub-systems:

Cybersecurity Training Platform

Cybersecurity Training Platform is scenario-dedicated cybersecurity exercise platform. With multiple network simulation technologies, it can provide a secure and repeatable cybersecurity training environment, where trainees can perform multiple kinds of exercises. For example, in Blue VS Red exercise, a manager can design and initiate an exercise scenario based on real-world event where a Blue Team defends from a Red Team of hacker’s intent on disrupting communications, stealing critical information or intellectual property, and causing mayhem. These exercises can last a day or more, creating a demanding atmosphere that strengthens team communication and documentation in addition to individual skills.

Cybersecurity Contest Platform

Cybersecurity Contest Platform can support stably large cybersecurity contest with hundreds of teams with the advantage of the system’s contest themes database and scoring system. So far, most of top cybersecurity contests in China such asXCTF,WCTF are using the platform.