Education Industry

Confronting the deepening and generalized trend of network security threats, Surfilter, centering on urgent requirements of domestic and overseas governments, enterprises, and the public for a secure network environment, has concentrated on creating five network security tools based on its over ten years of technical accumulations and practical experience.

Background Overview

Driven by the "Digital Campus" Project, "School-to-school Connection" Project and Modern Distance Education Project in primary and secondary schools, China's education informatization level has developed rapidly. At present, setup of campus networks around the region is becoming more mature, and network construction for the district education bureaus is moving more towards centralized management. This can lead to unifying education institution, primary schools, secondary schools and vocational education under the district education bureau's information center, and unified management and maintenance of the education system within the district. The system requires stable, reliable and high-quality link resources to be provided to the education systems under the jurisdiction of the district education, including primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools. For education authorities and builders and managers of education networks around the country, it has become an important issue of increasing concern, and the questions on how to establish a green, healthy, simple and efficient education network management system, how to improve the level of education network management, how to enhance the value of network bandwidth, and how to deal with more complex businesses and larger-scale network applications, have gained increasing prominence.

Centralized management of education network: Improving the management level of the education network, establishing a green and healthy network management system, establishing a simple and efficient management system, handling more complex business and enhancing the value of network bandwidth.

Requirements Analysis

The campus network is a comprehensive network application platform based on educational network resources and traditional network resources, with a large number of network users and complex network applications. Network security is extremely weak in the whole network environment. When teachers and students use the campus network to access increasing amounts of educational resources, problems in network security and applications are regularly exposed, seriously affecting the healthy development of the campus network. The following problems and challenges are currently faced:

1. The Education Network Information Center needs to meet a large number of concurrent demands from multiple schools and has higher requirements for network transmission, application release, safety protection and other systems.

2. Existing network equipment cannot meet the traffic load between different links and ensure reasonable utilization of bandwidth.

3. Students in primary and secondary schools are affected by the lack of security equipment protection for the school's network exit point. Teachers face problems such as poor ability to control online behavior, intranet viruses and ARP spoofing, and cannot prevent access to pornographic networks, illegal forums, etc.

4. Network operation and maintenance management is poor and there is no effective implementation of security management for equipment such as hosts and networks.

5. Problems of unstable signals and blind spots exist in wireless networks.

6. There is poor compliance control, and schools cannot effectively evade legal responsibilities to meet the requirements for online behavior control set forth in the Ministry of Public Security's Order No.82 to isolate primary and secondary school students from illegal resources of the internet.


In constructing the campus network, it is necessary to consider the processing capacity, scalability capacity, security and application convenience, to build a safe and reliable basic network, and provide various security functions and high-performance application-layer processing capacity through layered network construction, to meet security, stability and high-performance requirements of the campus network application platform.

Over the years, Surfilter Network Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to assisting users in establishing a distinctive information security system, examining and understanding network needs of the education industry, and providing unique network solutions to customers in the basic education industry through independently developed products. It aims to bring more convenience in doing business and teaching practice space to customers, helping them improve office efficiency in teaching applications and safety protection, and ensuring the safety of campus network data.

Scheme Effect

1. Ensuring safety of the campus network

2. Centralized administration

3. Internet access management

4. High reliability

5. Convenient and efficient

6. Reduce costs

7. Improve operating efficiency

8、Simplify work

9. Unify planning and management

10. Improve user experience