Development History

A leading solution provider in network application auditing and network information security

  • In 2018

    January – Surfilter was successfully approved as a “National (A-level) Cooperation Supporting Unit of the China Cyberspace Security Association Big Data Security Talents Training Base”.

    ● June – Surfilter was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to establish the “National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Cyberspace Governance Technology”.

  • In 2017

    ● January – Surfilter acquired China Shenzhen Pickle Sizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    ● July - Surfilter completed the overall acquisition of the equity of ACT TELECOM,and ACT TELECOM became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Surfilter from then.

    ● October-The delegation of Hong Kong Police Force arrived at Surfilter for visit and inspection.

    ● November – Surfilter was selected as one of the Top 100 Global Network Security Companies Enterprises.

  • In 2016

    ● March – “Online Social Network Analysis Key Technologies and Systems”, researched and developed by Surfilter, won “2015 National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize”.

    April to October – Surfilter provided cyber security and emergency support for the G20 Summit, the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference, and the Volkswagen Entrepreneurship Innovation Activity Week and achieved corresponding honours.

    ● September – Shen Zhijie, President of Surfilter, won Shenzhen Youth Science & Technology Award of China for 2015.

  • In 2015

    ● February-Having passed the audit of Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Surfilter was approved to establish the “post-doctoral innovation practice base”;

    December-Surfilter was invinted to attend the 2nd World Internet Conference,and President Xi's speech illustrated China a responsible cyber nation at the conference.

  • In 2014

    ● January – Surfilter was identified as “The key software enterprise within the national planning layout for 2013-2014”.

    September – Surfilter issued a major asset restructuring report, and purchased 100% equity of Suzhou Tangren Digital Sci-Tech company.

  • In 2013

    ● January – Surfilter was nominated for the 2013 “Forbes” China‘s “Top 100 Most Promising Listed Companies” and ranked 63rd.

    December – The “Technology, System and Application Project for Network Information Security Analysis and Recognition” that Surfilter participated in, won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award in 2012.

  • In 2012

    April – Surfilter Network Technology Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the GEM board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; stock abbreviation: Surfilter, stock code: 300311.

    June – The“Industrialization of Multimedia Network Public Opinion Analysis Platform focusing on Three-network Integration” project listed into the“2011 Information Security Special Project” by the National Development and Reform Commission.

  • In 2011

    June – Surfilter participated in formulating the industry standard for “Technical Requirements for Information Security Management Systems for Internet Data Center and Internet Access Service”.

    December – “Xindun Computer Terminal Monitoring System Software V1.0” was awarded the title “National Key New Product” of China.

  • In 2010

    June -Surfilter was selected as a central government procurement supplier,which showed it’s multi-dimensional advantages of the scale, price and service of the target products had been recognized by the industry.

    September - Surfilter completed the change of the national name and changed its name to “Surfilter Network Technology Co., Ltd.”;

  • In 2009

    ● March – Surfilter was selected as a centralized procurement supplier of the government agency directly under the CPC Central Committee.

    July –“Xindun computer terminal monitoring system”was listed as The Special Project of Information Security in Year 2009 by National Development and Reform Commission..

    September – Surfilter was shortlisted for the “100 Million Network Security Audit” project of the Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Center and became one of the top five suppliers.

  • In 2008

    ● January – the “Large-scale Online Malicious Information Detection and Control Technology” project won“First Prize of The Science and Technology Progress Award”issued by the Ministry of National Education.

    October – Surfilter won the first batch of ISCCC national information security emergency service processing qualification.

    December – Surfilter jointly established the ”National Engineering Laboratory for Information Content Security Technology“ with the Institute of Computer Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 、CNCERT and other units.

  • In 2007

    May – Surfilter won the qualification of the “National Commercial Password Product Production Design Unit” issued by the National Cryptography Authority.

    July – “Public Information Network Video and Audio Program Monitoring System V1.0” won the “Third Prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award” and “2006 Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award”.

    October – Surfilter was awarded the “National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Engineering Unit” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission of China.

  • In 2006

    March – Surfilter won the computer information system integration qualification certificate for involving state secrets.

    November – “Public Information Network Video Program Monitoring System V1.0” was awarded the title “2006 National Key New Product”.

    December – The “SurfMon” series products won major projects in education institutions, businesses and public institutions across China, and were praised as “the tiger of the government’s internal network security”.

  • In 2005

    August – Surfilter participated in formulating national standard for “Technical Requirements for Internet Content Filtering Software Based on PC Terminals”.

  • In 2004

    May – The project of “Internet Content Security Audit and Control of Product Industrialization” was listed as part of the National Torch Program.

    December – Public security network supervision departments around the country used our products to crack more than 500 cybercrime cases.

  • In 2003

    October – Surfilter officially launched a new generation of cyber security audit management platform solution, and undertook three important projects of the Ministry of Information and Industry Technology.

    October – Jawad Khaki, Vice President of Microsoft, visited Surfilter.

  • In 2001

    March – Surfilter conducted research on  National Information Security Office.

    April – The “NET110 Internet Information Security Audit Management System” was first tested by the Ministry of Public Security and was successfully implemented by more than 20 provincial and municipal public security network supervisors in China. This was widely reported by top media such as CCTV.

    July –Online filtering software “Internet Security Guarantee“ for new generation of youth was officially released, and became the go-to software for Chinese youth to surf the internet safely.

  • In 2000

    May – Shenzhen Surfilter Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established. 

    July – Surfilter signed a cooperation agreement with the National Computer Network and Information Security Management Center, and commenced national projects.