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Shenzhen Satellite TV interviews Vice President Li Binhui: Network Security Construction and Innovation Mechanism Development
  03 Jun 2016From: Surfilter

On May 26th, Li Binhui, Vice President of Surfilter Network Technology Co., Ltd., was interviewed by the News program of Shenzhen Satellite TV at Surfilter’s headquarters. He gave a brief introduction to the company’s development history and planning and expressed his opinions on current hot issues such as network security development trends, entrepreneurship environment in Shenzhen, etc.

When talking about development trends in the network security industry, Vice President Li said that in the mobile internet era, the popularity of smart terminals and the outbreak of QR code applications, has led to incessant increase in WiFi-based online fraud. In response to the complex network security situation and in order to protect WiFi hotspot security, Surfilter has developed a total solution for value-added services and security audit  of public WiFi networks, based on the industry leading app recognition engine and Big Data anomaly behavior analysis engine. Surfilter has developed a WiFi coverage product with functions such as WiFi coverage, value-added services, security audit and centralized control, to ensure the safety, reliability and property security of users when they use public WiFi hotspots, completely mitigating frauds such as WiFi fraud, WiFi phishing, etc. At present, this technology is being promoted and applied throughout the country.

In response to the issue of enterprise development results that the public is keenly interested in, Vice President Li said that as a "network application auditing expert" in the network security industry, Surfilter has consistently adhered to independent innovation in its more than 10 years of technology accumulation and market development. Surfilter has now achieved good results in the network security market, and the company has achieved outstanding results in internet information security, personal privacy, prevention of internet crime, etc. The company is a leader in China, in terms of market share in product areas such as online content and behavior auditing, internet cafes and non-operating internet sites, and the results are remarkable.

During the interview, the reporter also asked questions about the experience and evaluation of Shenzhen's entrepreneurial environment and product support. In this regard, Vice Presideent Li highly praised Shenzhen and said that Shenzhen is the first national innovation city pilot project and the first city-based national independent innovation demonstration zone. Innovation has become a characteristic of Shenzhen, and Shenzhen has gradually become the leading innovation and entrepreneurship center in the country. In recent years, several support policies and initiatives issued by the Shenzhen Municipal Government have played a key role in the innovation and development of the city, creating an innovative and modern international city. As an enterprise that was established and has grown in Shenzhen, Surfilter has witnessed the development of Shenzhen's innovation and development throughout its history.

At the end of the interview, Vice President Li said that the growth and development of Surfilter is inseparable from the integration and development of Shenzhen's “innovation chain + industry chain” and other facilities. In future, Surfilter will rely on Shenzhen as an innovation-driving city platform, leverage the technological revolution and industrial integration to develop technology research and development and use the trend of technological innovation to make greater contributions to the development of Shenzhen's strategic emerging industries.

With the introduction of several rules and regulations by the country to strengthen standardized management of mobile internet, "cyberspace is no longer an extrajudicial place". As one of the earliest enterprises involved in the field of network information security, Surfilter is committed to development of network information security and promotes the development of network information security industry. We are working together with regulators, partners and users to promote the standardized and orderly development of the network information security industry and share the prosperity and development of mobile internet.