Hunan Agricultural University
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Project Background

Hunan Agricultural University is located in Changsha, Hunan, and was jointly developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC and the People's Government of Hunan Province. It is the first batch of pilot projects under the national new Rural Development Research Institute development program, a national “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center” and “National Basic Capacity Building Project of Central and West China”. It is a provincial key university featuring agricultural science, and focusing on comprehensive development of multiple disciplines including agriculture, industry, literature, science, economy, management, law, clinical medicine, education and art.

With gradual development and improvement in campus informatization, network uncertainty and virtualization far exceeds the capability of the network administrator, hence, the network administration department urgently requires new technical methods to help tackle new challenges. To increase in-campus network and information security and meet relevant requirements of classified protection, proper network security system development is critical. In the earlier stage of the project, the client invited mainstream domestic security product manufactures to conduct product trials and testing; Surfilter has a leading position among network audit products after nearly half a year’s comparison and analysis.

Requirement Analysis

Our engineer held communications with the client’s information center several times. Online behavior effects management and control of effective behavior audit, content audit, behavior alarm, behavior control and relevant audit, about which our client was extremely concerned. It was necessary to provide effective supervision of the internet at the management level to prevent data leakage. We also had to meet user requirements, online behavior audit approval and safety precautions and provide complete online records, to track information, manage system security and prevent risks.


Comprehensive and in-depth audit of the campus intranet users’ online behavior was carried by deploying the Surfilter network audit system, which provides comprehensive security audit of behavior and content based on a large URL classification database and through its application identification capability. By using a multi-pattern matching algorithm using a state machine, the accuracy of matching efficiency and keyword recognition was greatly increased, and effective behavior audit, content audit, behavior alarm, behavior control and relevant audit functions were provided for online behavior. Effective supervision of the internet from the management level for prevention of data leakage was also provided. The solution met user requirements, online behavior audit approval and safety precautions, provided a complete online record, enabled comprehensive information tracking, manages system security and prevented risks.

Product Deployment/Network Topology


Comprehensive and in-depth audit of campus intranet users’ online behavior was carried out by deploying the Surfilter network audit system. The goal of protecting intranet information security was achieved through audit and control of network applications, and an extremely fast log query experience was also provided at the same time. Network application audit— The SA system has built-in rich and diversified statistical reports, which enables managers to strengthen network management in a more targeted manner, providing an effective basis for regulating network management and making correct management decisions, enabling users to use the network safely and efficiently. It also helped ensure usage compliance, ultimately bringing improvements in network value and gained high recognition from the client and education authority.