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Surfilter interviewed by Phoenix Satellite TV—Approaching Politics & Business program
  02 Jun 2017From:  Surfilter

Recently, the worldwide WannaCry ransomware caused heavy losses to many enterprises and institutions, and raised a lot of attention to network security. On May 24th, Phoenix Satellite TV’s program “Approaching Politics and Business” interviewed Surfilter’s network security experts on network security protection, with a view to understanding strengthening of information security protection and reducing internet threats and losses in the "Internet +" era.

Screenshot of Phoenix Satellite TV Interview

In the nearly one-hour interview, Surfilter’s network security expert gave detailed explanations on the issues put forward by the program’s reporter, including the causes, consequences and treatment of the WannaCry ransomware attack, and how to prevent and take remedial measures for information data in the case of similar incidents.

During the interview, the network security expert said that in response to the increasing and sweeping cyberattack threats, we should strengthen awareness of network security protection and reinforce the development of a network security protection system. By improving the analysis ability of "internal control + early warning + emergency", we can realize monitoring, early warning, analysis and emergency treatment, effectively preventing and handling any emergency abnormal security threat by grasping the security situation of network events in real time.

Network security expert elaborates on the security measures

In fact, in response to abnormal network security threats, Surfilter’s network security situation-aware platform based on Big Data and cloud computing technology, can effectively guarantee network information security. Differing from traditional network protection products, Surfilter network security situational awareness system transforms passive protection into active protection. Through continuous monitoring and visual display of network security threats, it provides objective decision-making basis for network security risk analysis and future security protection measures. It makes security protection visible, controllable and predictable while ensuring real-time, dynamic and active protection of the cyberspace.