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CCTV Finance Channel interviews Surfilter: Be cautious when using public networks to ensure security
  16 May 2017From:  Surfilter

With the increasing popularity of public WiFi, security problems on public WiFi networks have become the focus of attention. On May 5th, CCTV Finance Channel interviewed Zhong Guohui, General Manager for Wireless Security at Surfilter, on the security of public WiFi. He shared his views on the public WiFi security model, the future development of the public WiFi industry, and Surfilter’s market strategy in the field of public wireless security and network security.

Zhong Guohui, General Manager for Wireless Security at Surfilter, answers questions during an interview with CCTV Finance Channel

In the nearly two-hour-long interview, General Manager Zhong answered all queries in detail, such as the principle of WiFi sharing key, public WiFi protection strategy, WiFi and Big Data, public WiFi and network security future, and so on. He explained the unremitting efforts and research results of Surfilter in this field on the question of how to deal with security problems with public wireless internet access in the mobile internet era.

Reports on security risks in public WiFi hotspots have been consistently and regularly reported. During the interview, Zhong Ming and Zhang Hua, Product Managers for Wireless Security at Surfilter, used the WiFi master key as an example. While explaining the principle of public WiFi sharing, they also demonstrated a simulated WiFi crack scenario for the reporters. They said that there are threats and risks such as data disclosure, privacy exposure, property security and so on when users connect to Wifi sharing tools. When connecting to public WiFi, users should be cautious and avoid any situation where there is risk of personal data disclosure and privacy property damage caused by improper connection.

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Surfilter's wireless security experts explain the harm of WiFi sharing tools

General Manager Zhong said that in the Big Data era, data development and transformation & upgrade have become a new export of the WiFi industry with respect to issues such as future development prospects of WiFi and for security protection strategies proposed by the CCTV Finance Channel reporter. Through users’ internet surfing data collected by e WiFi sharing tools, restoring the data, drawing a profile, and analyzing the users' consumption behavior, can guide targeted advertising by enterprises, and this will be the development trend of the industry.

In the face of numerous public wireless online security issues, he explained that as a member of the China WiFi Industry Alliance, Surfilter has focused on wireless WiFi information security services for many years. Based on industry-leading application recognition engine and Big Data anomaly behavior analysis engine, Surfilter has developed a total solution for value-added services and security auditing for WiFi networks used in public places and has developed a WiFi coverage product that possesses functions such as WiFi coverage, value-added services, security auditing and centralized control.

Through close integration of WiFi operations and network application auditing, Surfilter’s WiFi security auditing solution provides strong security and protection for wireless internet users, and creates a technical obstacle for hackers and internet crime. While providing carriers with compliance credentials and providing multiple security protection services for public WiFi internet access sites, Surfilter also provides a strong guarantee for building a safe and credible internet environment and building safety the WiFi industry.

"Cyberspace is not an extrajudicial place". As one of the earliest enterprises involved in the field of network information security, Surfilter is committed to the construction of network information security and promotes the development of network information security industry. We are working together with regulators, partners and users to promote the standardized and orderly development of the network information security industry and share the prosperity and development of mobile internet.