Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System

    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG supports sandboxing function and multiple file scanning modes, as well as supports virus destruction for over 100 file formats by using heuristic scanning to detect and kill unknown viruses, or viruses in ZIP, RAR, TAR and other compressed and packaged files. It can realize detection and killing of viruses over HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP and IMAP, and supports automatic update of the virus library; provides complete virtual file shelling, supports customizable file size-based virus destruction, can check and destroy suspicious viruses, suspicious scripts, picture viruses, as well as viruses contained in emails, attachments, web pages and downloaded files, to purify the network environment.

    Technical Features

    Comprehensive rule-based high-speed engine

    The anti-virus engine is the fastest online virus detection engine. It can use the massive local virus library with millions of high-quality virus signatures to detect tens of millions of viruses, and it can also be optimized for network security devices.

    Comprehensive virus detection

    The anti-virus engine can handle a variety of complex situations, detect worms, viruses, Trojans, hacker tools, rogue software, risky programs, etc., and provide detection of different objects such as non-complete streams, complete streams, files, URLs, etc. It also has a comprehensive unknown and scenario-based virus detection capability based on Antian’s unique VCS (Virus Capture Spirit) technology. It is applicable to TCP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and other TCP protocols and is based on strict original whitelist filtering authentication, effectively reducing false positives.

    Quick Technical Support

    The anti-virus engine has large-scale back-end processing power and support from a professional team:

    1) Supports hourly virus data upgrade and false positives minute-level processing.

    2) Supports in-depth analysis of key samples, 20-minute preliminary analysis report feedback, 2-hour in-depth analysis report feedback.

    Main Functions

    Virus Killing

    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG uses a dedicated operating system with a built-in virus signature library of over 6 million viruses. It supports multiple file scanning modes, effectively achieving low-latency high-performance virus filtering, as well as check and destruction of worms, viruses, Trojans, hacker tools, rogue software, risky programs and other online viruses.


    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG supports the industry's mainstream sandbox analysis platform. It effectively implements APT protection and expands effective virus destruction capability of the antivirus gateway.

    DDoS Protection

    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG has built-in DDoS protection, which can effectively protect against internal and external network threat attacks.

    Intelligent Threat Detection

    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG has an intelligent threat detection module that can be linked with the mainstream early warning security platform through the RESTful API. It provides ATP protection, effectively protecting against hotspot security incidents, as well as provides local import function for threat information to increase threat protection capabilities.

    Product Advantages

    Excellent Virus Protection Performance

    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG uses an industry-leading multi-core computing platform, has a modular design, and comprehensively utilizes hardware processing capabilities to achieve integrated guaranteed text analysis and detection; the highest AVG detection performance can reach 20G.


    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG supports integration with the industry's mainstream sandbox, effectively providing complete protection from APT and 0 day attacks.

    Virus Event Analysis

    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG maintains abundant logs. It can store large amount of virus logs on an optional hard disk to provide attack sources, attack purposes, and statistical analysis of virus events.

    Application Visualization

    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG can effectively analyze real-time traffic of various applications, and check and control the traffic according to the actual situation.

    Traffic Mirroring Function

    Surfilter Anti-virus Gateway System URF-AVG can import traffic data through interface mirroring and can also implement application-based traffic mirroring function to detect and analyze specific traffic.