Video Firewall

    The Surfilter Video Surveillance Security Gateway is a leading reinforcement product for video surveillance network security in the industry. It implements video traffic analysis and conducts camera inspection through passive or active detection to realize terminal identification binding, application identification and other functions, meeting the requirements of security risks caused by illegal equipment access of the public security video surveillance network.

    Our product provides strong security protection combined with vulnerability detection, virus detection, attack detection and other technologies. It also provides comprehensive, accurate and detailed security incident records such as attacks, illegal terminal access, camera counterfeiting, etc., to generate various data reports and to clearly present the network and security status.

    Our product is designed on a common platform, and its high-performance operating system is based on Linux, which shields hardware differences in upper applications and provides a unified interface.

    Core Functions

    Whitelist Access Mechanism based on IP and MAC address.

    1. Establish an access database for network address: extracts the IP and MAC addresses of each camera connected to the IPC and establishes an access whitelist based on the IP and MAC address.

    2. Only authorized IP and MAC addresses can pass the authentication: when the data traffic reaches the authenticated gateway, and if the IP and MAC addresses in the data packet are on the access whitelist, the data traffic is considered as legal, otherwise it is considered as illegal and discarded.

    Application Protocol Whitelist

    Supports application protocol sensing function. The video protocol is identified in the transmitted data, and only the authorized video traffic can enter the video monitoring system. The transmission of other illegal data traffic is prohibited in the private network.

    Comprehensive Safety Protection

    1. Online Antivirus Technology: support virus destruction in files uploaded and downloaded using HTTP and FTP without affecting other activities. This effectively identifies malicious programs such as worms, viruses and Trojans, and prevents viruses from being implanted into terminals when video terminal equipment are breached, thus spreading more widely.

    2. Attack Protection: supports anti-scan and intrusion protection functions, effectively preventing external attackers from sniffing and attacking the network. Provides real-time detection and alarms for various hacker attacks and malicious traffic such as buffer overflow, SQL injection, violent speculation, DoS attacks, scan detection, worm virus, Trojan Backdoor, etc.

    3.1 Risk Assessment Technology: through active port scanning, vulnerability scanning and weak password scanning, the system actively discovers vulnerable terminals. The vulnerability database is customized for video terminals and a weak password database is adopted, to effectively assess the risks in the private video network.

    3.2 Supports identification and protection for tens of thousands of vulnerabilities, and special vulnerability details are constantly added for the private video network. The vulnerability database is continuously maintained and updated.

    3.3 After vulnerabilities are detected in the private video network, timely and effective patch protection can be provided for vulnerable terminal devices that have not as yet undergone security firmware update, through timely updates of the vulnerability libraries.

    Visual Security Situation & Unified Management

    In the scenario where, multiple security products for private video networks need to be deployed for public security, Surfilter provides unified management for the Public Security Private Video Network Security Platform. It also has a platform that analyzes the security status, which can capture different information and indicators in the private video network, including online terminal statistics, terminal traffic ranking, security events, terminal access status and other information. The system also implements unified instructions to simplify the work of the operation and maintenance personnel and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

    Product Advantages

    Simple Deployment

    The deployment of Surfilter Public Security Video Private Network security product does not require changing the existing network structure, and the product can be deployed in series or in parallel to meet the requirement for simultaneous control during detection or simple detection and alarm.

    Strong Performance

    1.1 The Surfilter Public Security Video Private Network security product adopts an underlying high-performance operating system and is based on independent intellectual property rights. The product can handle complex application analysis while transmitting high-performance data packets, and find hidden risks in traffic and block them promptly.

    1.2 After passing the test, the delay in the video traffic processed by the products is not more than 100us, which is almost negligible, thereby mitigating the issue of operation delay caused by the newly added equipment.

    Powerful Functions

    The product can effectively solve problems related to terminal management, equipment replacement and illegal intrusion of the video surveillance private network with respect to legal terminal identification, abnormal flow detection, vulnerability protection, virus detection, etc., help users maintain safe operation of the private video network and realize visual, controllable and manageable function for the private video network.

    Flexible Scalability

    The Application Library, IPS Library, Vulnerability Library and Virus Library in this product are all separate modules, which can be updated online and scaled flexibly.

    All-in-one Functions

    The product supports intrusion prevention, virus detection, risk assessment and GB28181 video traffic format conversion functions, effectively reducing repeated investment cost in equipment.